Then let’s get back into the body!

Hi, I’m Kasia Patzelt and I am an Embodiment and Integration Coach.
I help people release tension, stress, emotional blockages, and trauma so they can come back to a wholesome, empowered and joyful state of being.

Are you sick of running around in circles? Always behind with your
Are you stressed, dissatisfied and feeling like it’s hard to catch your breath?
Do you have a vision of a more fulfilling life but don’t know how to get there?

The first step is as easy as taking a deep breath
letting out a sigh of relief!

Your Body
is the missing link to
your Enjoyment
of Life.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the process by which we become fully present to our feeling capacity. It’s what makes us feel alive, nourished and full. It gives us goosebumps when listening to an amazing piece of music or being deeply touched by a story. And it’s what at the core we are all longing for- a deep sense of self, aliveness, confidence, and pleasure!

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What others are saying

Kasia knows the body, the emotions and how to help you express what needs to be moved. She’s brilliant! A force of light that’s teaching you to be embodied.


Carrie Montgomery, founder of the “Somatic Dressing Method”

No words can describe my experience with the healing presence and hands of Kasia. If you had a traumatic experience in your life and you are ready to heal it. She is your girl!
Camie Bonger, Founder of transformationtheatre.com  Holland



Kasia has taught me how to manage my anxiety, about self-love and how to look at life from a different perspective. Through Breath and other techniques, she helped me to address the traumatic event that happened sometime ago in my life and left me diagnosed with PTSD. It was the beginning of a new life for me! She was nurturing, caring and consistent in her professional approach. She is well informed, honest, compassionate and empathic. I would highly recommend Kasia to anyone that needs help. I promise you will never regret this decision and you will gain a genuine friend along the way! 

Pamela McKoy, Nurse, England

I first met Kasia in a Women’s circle based on the principles of HeartIq. Kasia is great at knowing how to conduct a group into what they need to work on. She allows everybody to “just” be. She leads through wisdom and intuition taking the group into a more profound and knowable place. You grow and discover new things about yourself under her presence.

Minerva Rossi, Coach, Spain

Kasia is amazing! Would recommend warmly to anyone who wants get out of suffering, to know their body and emotions better and to explore the mystery of life in a very practical way.

Lasse Walstad, entrepreneur, Norway

Kasia is the most dedicated coach I have ever witnessed, and her motivation to go above and beyond is truly heartwarming. She truly cares for her clients and will leave no stone unturned in helping them. Doing breathwork with Kasia is alone profoundly healing, but Kasia is much more than just a breath coach. With her kind, clear, warm, and genuine presence she will help you understand and master your emotions and find your true values and meaning in life, while enjoying the ride! Working with Kasia has changed so many aspects of my life in a profoundly positive way and I see the value of her coaching as beyond measurable.

Aksel Hellerud, Entrepreneur, Norway

“I can’t think of anyone better doing this work than someone who is a living example and is clearly walking her talk. Kasia’s presence alone shows how diving deep into breath-work can transform your life. A woman with such a constant radiant presence is rare. She is so open-hearted and enthusiastic about her work, that from beginning to end I felt totally relaxed and could let myself go completely. I felt reborn and refreshed with a boost of energy and awareness of the power I have available within me. I felt so free and released of all that is in my way to take on the world. This experience truly made me see and feel the amount of things that are stored within our bodies that don’t just stop us to move smoothly physically, but also in our lives.”

Maurice Spees, Founder of Earthkeepers, Holland.