is your key to Joy

In order to live our full potential as humans,

we need to come back to our feeling capacity

What happened to us?


Never before has humanity had so much wealth and information at its disposal. We have learned how to be clever in so many ways. We can build rockets and travel into space, create amazing technology to make our lives easier. And yet we are losing the capacity to enjoy all the goodness.

So many people struggle with loneliness, depression, burn-out, lack of meaning….a feeling of emptiness inside. Despite all the connection through media and travel,

we feel disconnected. 

Trauma plays a role

 Part of the disconnection we experience is through trauma. And we all have some amount of trauma stored in our bodies.

The simplest way to explain trauma is ‘frozen energy in the body’. We are wired with a fight and flight response when encountering danger. However, when we can’t express the fight and flight (imagine being trapped in a corner) we go into FREEZE. Our body still has inside itself all the activated energy of the flight/fight, however now it’s stuck inside. This ‘freeze’ is responsible for so many of our issues, including our personality traits. Through breath, we can allow the energy to complete its cycle and allow it to flow freely again!


Trauma is at the core of humanity’s struggle. When Trauma happens we cannot develop our capacity to feel fully. We get stunted in our development.


What keeps Trauma in place?

There are a few reasons why we stay stuck.

Number 1: IGNORANCE. We don’t know the reason we feel the way we feel and behave the way we do. But that’s slowly but surely shifting. Science and psychology have done massive steps towards understanding trauma and the role of the body in it, the somatic intelligence behind it. 

Number 2: And I think this one is more important. SHAME. We stay stuck because we feel ashamed of our symptoms. And of course we do, we have been raised in a society where we don’t get taught about stuff like this and vulnerability is still majorly seen as a weakness. So we don’t share our internal experience with others, but we think to ourselves: there must be something wrong with me. I’ll better pretend it’s not happening, lest I get laughed at or rejected. 

We pay a dear price for that because we don’t give ourselves the chance to heal. The intelligence of our body always wants to heal and bring us back to balance. It’s our conditioning of what we think should or shouldn’t be what keeps us stuck. Which is the real tragedy of humanity:

pain is inevitable, as is trauma, staying stuck in it, is unnecessary.


Let’s move with evolution and do what we came here to do: Co-create an Authentic Human Reality!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!