Amahoro means Peace

in Rwanda

The Beginning of Amahoro Bags

What’s Amahoro Bags

Amahoro Bags started in 2018. It is still in its infancy stages. It allows women of a local community in Kigali, Rwanda, to create their own income by making bags out of beads. The women come together and bead each bag with a unique intention and prayer. So not only are they empowering themselves through a potential income, but also through being in community, supporting each other as well as the women who are buying the bags. They are mostly single-mother’s who lack the money to send their children to school

How it all began

In 2013 I went to Rwanda as a volunteer for the first time. We were teaching Clay-therapy, Laughter Yoga and Massage to Psychology Students and local communities. When Christina approached me to support her son to go to school, I said yes. That’s how a beautiful friendship between Jonas and I started. In 2018 I went back to Rwanda and stayed with the family in their humble home. Paying the school fees and now university for one child is one thing, but to have an ongoing source of income for the whole family is another. When Christina showed me her beadwork (she gifted me a bag for my birthday!) I instantly thought that this could create a business not only for her but for the whole community! You can read the whole story here: My Rwandan Brother 

What you can do

Get in touch with us to order one of the beautifully hand-made Amahoro Bags. You can order them to be custom made, (choose colour and style) which of course will take a little longer. Or simply inquire and choose from what we have currently in stock! 


Are you experienced with Charity work and Marketing? Do you maybe have a shop in which these bags could fit? Would you like to support Amahoro Bags with your Know-How?

Then please also get in touch! 

Where you can find us


Currently, Amahoro Bags are being sold online at www.butiquewithheart.com/nl

We are looking for more shops who would love to be part of AMAHORO! Do you know of any? 

You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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