Let’s co-create an Authentic Human Reality!

Let’s co-create an Authentic Human Reality!

Your Wound Becomes Your Gift


My journey really started at a very early age. I was always a very sensitive kid and never had the feeling I truly fitted in! Now I know you call that an Empath.

Born in Poland, I grew up in Germany and then lived for ten years in Australia after which I moved to Ibiza.

Australia in many ways had been my place of initiation. As exciting and liberating as it was to move to such an exotic country (from the perspective of Poland and Germany that is), after 6 months or so, my history started catching up with me. All the layers of conditioning from family and society, childhood traumas, etc. combined with the sense of aloneness so far from home began raising its head and I developed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), anxiety and depression.

I was a mess. And I was lucky because I met the right people with the right knowledge early on on the path. They helped me to see, accept and open to new possibilities.

The truth is, on some level we all are a mess. In fact in HeartIq we say:

We are all divine beings and as fucked up as each other at the same time. So…

Regardless of Where you are at in Life. You have the Power and Wisdom to Change within You. 

Back in that space I could never have imagined life to be any different than what it was. Some days I couldn’t even get out of bed! I was so identified with feeling shit that another reality seemed only  like wishful thinking. And yet as I understood more about the body, EVERYTHING changed.

Thus began my healing journey that included:


  • Massage therapy and bodywork (incl. myofascial release, craniosacral therapy)

  • Vipassana meditation (with Goenka and now Burgs)

  • Counselling at Notre Dame University in Perth

  • HNLP (Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology)

  • Deep shamanic explorations in the jungle of Peru

  • Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Heart Intelligence with Christian Pankhurst

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Core-Energetics (the 5 Personality Patterns) and

  • Self-Study in Neuroscience


“Each step of the way was a missing piece of the puzzle and Embodiment Coaching is the coming together of all the parts that I’ve collected along the way.”


What I love, which means,
who I really am

I love dancing, singing,  and walking in nature
I love painting and gardening. I love cats (I just got a new one!)
I love community and authenticity. I love the intelligence of the human heart. Mhmm I LOVE PLEASURE 

I love reading and I love writing. I love reminding people about their ability to feel and to choose what to focus on. I love laughing, seriously!  I love being sensual and playful. I love feeling a woman and knowing my power. I love helping people and connecting the dots. I love taking the piss out of our ignorance. I love compassion and the feel of the sun on my skin. I love having a good fight with someone who can stand their ground. I love being challenged and I love learning new stuff. I love beauty. I love my anger. I love learning new languages (I’m learning Dutch right now!). I love traveling and I love sitting still. I love silence. I love screaming. I love the dance and polarity of life. I love expanding my emotional range. I love dressing up and playing pretty. Oh, my god, I love good food! I love the ocean. I really love the uncensored, unapologetic, radically honest expression of humans. 

I love being me. 


I love seeing you fall in love

with yourself.  

Do you want to play together?