At the core of transformation is our capacity to feel

As an Embodiment Coach I help people with symptoms like this

  • Dissatisfaction with Life
  • Confusion and inability to have nourishing, intimate Relationships
  • Stress and Overwhelm
  • Anxiety and Trauma

If you have any of these symptoms, likelihood is that you have already tried many things, including positive thinking, meditation, healthy food, yoga maybe. You are aware that you are co-creating your own reality. But…



It can be frustrating to come up against the same patterns over and over again, I get it.

There is a way to shift, however. And that’s simply through the body.

Most of what we have been taught, including all the ‘spiritual practices’ and meditation, has conditioned us to ‘be’ and to ‘do’ through the mind.

We think in order to feel, but we hardly stop for long enough to truly feel what is happening inside. We try to constantly fix ourselves in the process of which we run the risk of not feeling good enough! But if we can relax enough, for the body’s natural intelligence to come through,

life changes. 

In my work, I combine cutting edge tools from Neuroscience, Meditation, Somatic practices, Breathwork, Spiritual Inquiry and the magic of two beings simply meeting each other in Presence without judgement and expectation.

So if you are someone who is longing for

A deep sense of self and knowing. 
Confidence, Joy, and Aliveness. 
Playfulness, Enjoyment, and Peace.
Intimacy, Vulnerability, and Nourishment.

Then let’s work together!


There are 3 ways in which you can work with me

Online Coaching or in person Breathwork

In this session we will go deeply into the body through BBTR (biodynamicbreath and trauma release).

This incredibly effective and elegant method works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s a journey like no other. It undoes deeply held holding patterns in your tissue and brings your capacity to feel back online. Most people are amazed that they can feel this way only through their breath! 

1 on 1 personalised Retreat

4 nights, 3 days in the magical island of Ibiza. 

Each day will be an exploration into your body through Qi-Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Nature, Breathwork, and Massage.

Home-cooked, healthy meals, enough time for self-reflection, as well as discovering secret spots on the island, fun, and pleasure. It’s an immersion into the healing energies of Ibiza, that many have experienced as transformational! 

Circlework powered by HeartIQ

A very powerful way to bring about transformation is through creating an amplified field. We do so by sitting together in circle, so we can see others and be seen ourselves. By receiving the support of a whole group of people we find the courage to expand our emotional range, to embrace all of who we are. HeartIQ is about accepting ourselves and others exactly how and where we are without making ourselves wrong. Thus our hearts can truly opne.

The path of radical self-acceptance

It’s not easy to be human, especially not at this time in the history of men. But it’s worth it to dig deeper and find the treasure that’s hidden underneath the layers of ‘world’.

Let’s embody what we came here to be and let’s do it together!

The R.I.S.E Experience Online Program coming soon