When you own your breath,

no one can steal your peace

Are you ready to un-freeze yourself?


One of the two most profound tools I have found to work with trauma is Breathwork.

Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) is a profoundly elegant way of guiding you step by step back into your body and soul.

It slowly unwinds the tension in your body, opening you up to more energy, more breath, and therefore more capacity to feel yourself from the inside.

Watching the repetitive thought patterns in your mind resolve into nothingness, you become aware of your body’s own intelligence in blissfully unwinding itself from stuck energy’s and holding patterns. You start connecting to your Higher Self as you move into an altered consciousness that feels like home.

 Relief, Peace, and Bliss 

is at your fingertips when you are ready to stop running away from your feelings.


Remember to breathe, it is after all the secret of life

What is Breathwork?

Breath has been used for healing and transformation since ancient times. Starting from Pranayama in yogic practices to the popularization of Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof in the West in the ’60s and many other Breathwork-modalities, there is now much science to show that the amounts of O2 and CO2 we take in, expel or maintain in our blood levels have a direct effect on how we feel and consequently live our lives. Even in Latin, the words for Breath and Spirit are the same. Breathwork utilizes conscious manipulation or control of breathing patterns to achieve certain desired results. It also correlates directly to our emotional responses. It is, therefore, a powerful tool to release core tension, suppressed emotions, trauma and bring about insight, emotional balance, physical alignment and connection to others and spirit.

How does it work?

There are 6 elements to BBTRS: Breath, Meditation, Movement, Sound, Touch and Emotions. All of those elements not only help you heal but increase your self-awareness and self-healing capacity and are therefore essential to the process.

Through deep connected breathing for an extended period of time, we charge the body with oxygen and therefore energy. Once charged our system always wants to discharge, therefore giving it the opportunity to complete the arrested trauma-cycles we still hold inside. Imagine cleaning a blocked pipe with a slow trickle of water and then increasing the water pressure. Most people are simply incredulous at the results they can experience through something as simple as their breath!

What to expect in a session

The first session will take about two hours, as we spend some time to check in to feel what is moving in your life on a deeper level. Often there is a limiting belief or core wound that keeps us enthralled in our pattern. Through gentle inquiry, we will become aware of how ‘the story’ reveals itself in your body. Then we will move into the breathing part of the session itself, which will be done in a safe and contained space, lying down on a mat. Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably no dresses or bras/belts as they can restrict your breath. Through deep connected breathing, we will start the journey into your subconscious. There will be music to guide you, as well as some myofascial release massage from me. This part may take up to one hour after you will probably rest in a deep Shavasana for a while. We will end the session by checking in and digesting what happened. Clarifying anything that might have been confusing or new, as well as creating an action plan (homework) for you to integrate the new awareness in your daily life!

Will one session be enough?

In BBTRS we work with the tension belts of the body that roughly correspond to the chakras. To get the best results, I recommend you to go for a sequence of 7 sessions. If you are new to breathwork what usually happens is that your bodymind will need a couple of sessions in order to get used to this way of ‘experiencing’ and to feel safe in it. All of us have armoring that prevents us from feeling our deepest pain, therefore it may take some time for your awareness to drop deep enough to see your own pattern and be willing to go deeply in it. Saying all this, however, one session may be life-changing and deeply transformative already, depending on the person, how much they carry and simply grace. From personal experience, I can say the journey is neverending. My breathing sessions have changed from deep pain release to very pleasurable, orgasmic even, experiences that expand my emotional range and make me feel more embodied each time. Each session will be also very different. 

The deeper the breath the greater the victory of life over threatening irritants 



If we cannot meet physically face to face and you can’t experience a ‘proper’ breath session, we can meet online instead. The body is a vast and interesting territory and just through some very simple tools, we can become aware of what is happening inside underneath the layers of repetitive thought and debilitating emotions.

We will still use our breath to get close to the physical sensations that are happening in the body and are so very connected to the stories that we carry emotionally/energetically.  I will teach you how to track your experience and how to instead of judging it and trying to get rid of the discomfort, you can develop curiosity and become friends with it.

Which is the foundation of self-mastery. With my support, you will learn step by step how to be your own healer and guide, how to cultivate self-love and excitement about your personal growth, without having to endlessly repeat the drama.

How does it work?


Everyone is at a different stage in their evolution with distinct objectives and intentions, therefore we start with a 20min discovery call and find out if we are a match. If Embodiment and somatic awareness is something that you are completely new to, I recommend a session plan of at least 7. But we get to decide about that when we meet. 

The online coaching sessions will be 1hour or 1,5hours long, as needed. We will meet via Zoom and next to finding out what it is you are working on, there will be some body-activation exercises, meditation and mindfulness practices as well as some homework to keep you engaged outside of session! So keep your Journal ready!

                               Are you ready to have some fun while you are getting more and more juicy, confident, playful and embodied?