The Need for Tribe-

Circlework powered by HeartIQ

What is Circlework?

The second most important tool for releasing ourselves is Circlework powered by HeartIq. One of the key aspects of trauma is that when we are in it, we feel completely alone. That’s why it is so terrifying, that’s why we freeze in the first place. Therefore, it’s only logical that we need the safety of the TRIBE in order to unwind and let go.

What happens in circle-work is that we create an energy field that amplifies whatever is present in the circle and in each person. Through this amplified field we create the container and therefore the safety for energies to rise up that want to release and transform. It’s in being felt by others in all what we are, especially our core-unworthiness, that we find the capacity to accept ourselves as who we are wherever we are at without making ourselves wrong. That’s what Heart Intelligence is and that’s our key to JOY. 

Healing is not a one-man job, we need the support and care of others.

What is HeartIQ?

It is a system created by Christian Pankhurst

As we expand our emotional range, we learn to accept all parts of ourselves: the good, the bad and the ugly. In the presence of others, who serve as our mirrors, it is easier to do so. 

We heal our core-unworthiness by feeling it, but we also need to be felt in it by others to fully embrace our wholeness. 

“Heart IQ™ is the art of feeling more joy in life through the process of accepting who you are, as you are, without making yourself wrong” 

How does it work?

It’s a simple process of coming together sitting down in a circle, preferably on chairs. There is a facilitator, but no leader.  We start with a warm-up exercise to bring everyone in a coherent and more present space. It can involve movement or some short meditation. Then everyone present will have the opportunity to check in and practice some HeartIQ skills like asking and receiving attention. After the check-in the facilitator suggests exercises in which we can explore our emotional range. That can involve shadow work, nurture space, owning your gift, expressing your desires etc. The safety in a group is paramount and so at any stage everyone is encouraged to check-in with themselves whether they want to participate or not in what is happening. In circlework the group learns to see themselves as one and follows the energy of the group. It is quite a magical process, that has the effect of a lot of lightness and joy. As we witness and are being witnessed in our vulnerability our hearts open and we feel connected to a bigger picture! 


Who is it for?

Circlework is truly for everyone who wants to become more heart intelligent.

It’s a very effective way to create safety and coherence in a group. So whether you are running a retreat or a company and you want your group or employees to connect deeper, Circlework is the fastest way to cut through all the masks and give everyone permission to connect to their heart and be truly authentic and vulnerable. 

Are you looking for a way to have your team become more effective and work in harmony? Do you want your retreat to go to a deeper level, where everyone feels the magic because we touched upon something real and beautiful? Something that is undeniable and that everyone will remember as special, because it went beyond the form but into the core? 

HeartIQ is really an incredibly simple and elegant way to achieve that, for us to truly see that we are all connected! 



Are you ready to co-create an Authentic Human Reality?

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