Your One-on-One Adventure in the

 Beauty of Ibiza

 a transformational experience



A personalised 4-day retreat in Ibiza. I will be your guide and coach helping you to undo all the layers of tension and ‘society’ that keep you from feeling your joy. With the help of Ibiza itself, the magic and power of nature, we will explore what it is your Soul really longs for.

The island has its own ways of challenging people and bringing them back into alignment with their heart. Combine that with healthy food, plenty of walks, swims, and sun as well as breathwork, massage, ongoing embodiment practices and coaching, and you will not be able to resist your own transformation!

Sometimes the only way forward is a Leap into your Heart


Nature Immersion, Coaching, Breathwork, Meditation and the most important:

Time for You 

What’s in it for me?

  • Renewed Clarity: the deeper understanding of your patterns in life and how to meet them with compassion. Being able to discern the voice of your heart more clearly from all the other chatter that happens in your head. 
  • Inspiration: feeling the faith and enthusiasm for bringing into life your vision! 
  • Silence: immersion into your own being and knowing the peace of your Existence, no matter what.
  • Confidence:  embodiment of your desires! Fully owning what you are longing for and allowing your body to guide you and support you in that.
  • Practical tools for your daily life. How to reset, re-align and reconnect! 



What does it include? 

4nights of accommodation in a beautiful villa in front of Es Vedra. You arrive in the afternoon on Day1 and leave after Lunch on Day4. All meals included, either homecooked or in a beautiful restaurant. 

  • Daily Body activation Session (Yoga, QiGong, Dynamic Meditations)
  • Healing sessions (Breathwork, Energetic Release Massage)
  • Ongoing Coaching and Embodiment practices
  • Meditation and Mindfulness training
  • Nature immersion (Hiking, Barefoot Walking, Mudbaths) 
  • Ibiza Adventure in the Flow
  • Spiritual Inquiry for Clarity and Inspiration
  • Your Personal Coach, Guide, Healer, Driver, Chef and Travel Companion
  • Plenty of Fun, Magic, PLAY and Expansion

I Am Ready For Me

When should you book?


This One-on-One Retreat is for you when 

  • you feel confused and stuck in life
  • you feel close to a burn out
  • you need clarity on a particular issue in your life
  • everything is ok in your life and you still feel unhappy
  • you want to meet yourself on a deeper level 
  • you are ready to make big changes in your life
  • you are ready to step up into your purpose and leadership
  • you know where you are going but need to be juiced up and inspired
  • you need to release, reset and recharge
  • you want to explore the beauty of Ibiza 

Wherever you are at, it’s time to take the next step! 



– 4 nights of accommodation in a beautiful villa right in front of Es  Vedra

– all meals included (healthy, local and as organic as available. Either homecooked or we eat out)

– all transport 

– Healing Sessions, Coaching, Ongoing guidance and support

– Secret Nature spots, hikes, 

Price: €1899 *

€1399 without accommodation and meals at restaurants

* This offer  is Excluding Flights and Insurance

* One-Day Retreats are also available

What others are saying

Ibiza with Kasia was pure magic. Finally breathing deeply again. To immerse myself in this gorgeous hidden nature, to fully feel my body and enjoy this life to the brim. To connect with Kasia on this deep heart level and get the opportunity to be seen and felt and responded to. I came with deep blocks and a resistance to my life. And I left with pure joy and openness and an intimate vision of what I am heading for. Thank you, Kasia! A real life changer, a truly blissful experience!

Nina Claassen,

Performance Coach, Berlin

The amazing journey with Kasia was a groundbreaking moment for me and my personal development. Four days on the beautiful island of Ibiza traveling, seeing places that support inner transformation, having fun and sharing a lot of laughter opened a new way of thinking and relating to myself. For me the most important aspect of this 1-on-1 experience was the balance with which Kasia was leading me. Hospitality, nature, great food, meditations, transformational work and lots of insights helped me to get aligned with myself, with who I want to be and what I want to do. I will definitely do it again. I feel gratitude when I think back to it. 

Dariusz Malojlo

Engineer and Coach , Poland

After spending 4 days in Ibiza, everything in my life has changed. So many puzzle pieces came together. It was fantastic!

Camie Bonger

Founder of Transformation Theater, Holland