Breath, Pleasure, Stillness

through embodiment to true empowerment

Do you know the feeling of overwhelm, confusion, doubt, overanalysis? Do you get stressed, weak and consequently numb, disengaged and disenchanted with life?

You may be like me, a person who has spent a lot of time investing in their personal development: years of books on philosophy, psychology, spirituality (from the New Age to the ancient classics) and in recent years on neuroscience and quantum physics (I find the latter extremely sexy, I have to say). But it wasn’t just books, it was also an insatiable need to try every healing ‘modality’ under the stars, always getting excited about the prospects of an everlasting happy, successful and carefree life. Always seeking for the next high of a new experience. And yes, that did include various altered states of consciousness through either plant medicines or meditation practices.

You, perhaps like me, also got eventually disillusioned, slightly jaded or cynical and ultimately bored. Over-saturated with the smorgasbord of therapies, codes and theories I started shutting down and becoming more contained and protective within myself. Apparently maturity takes time. Not that there is anything wrong with exploration. But I wasn’t exploring anymore: I was consuming and it was numbing my ability to properly digest what I was taking in. And then…

Hello stillness, my old friend. Welcome back simplicity and breath. Welcome subtlety and feeling.

This development did happen though through the support of a modality. It was my one year training of Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release that ultimately step by step brought me back to my senses. But what elegance and grace in a technique that uses your body’s simplest tools: your breath and your awareness.

All of a sudden the notion of healers disappears: you heal yourself through your own breath, accessible to you at every moment. You become friends with your body, your felt sense. You become embodied.

I mean, that’s what happened to me: I became embodied.

And what a sweet surprise to finally arrive back home, inside myself, only to discover that the thing I was looking for, THE satisfying sensation that would render me forever happy, was not in an experience but in my connection to my physicality, the felt sense of my body.

All we ever want is to FEEL connected. To feel connected means to experience pleasure. Pleasure means to feel alive. To feel alive means to experience pleasure and so the two feed on each other in an upward spiral.

Our bodies are hardwired for it. And isn’t that a relief to know that we don’t have to try so hard, but that the more we relax, the easier it becomes?

That the more tension we release from our body-mind, the more our being can unwind and come back to its natural state: a deep sense of wellness.

And to be connected to this stillness and goodness within, to feel this sense of knowingness, this I find truly empowering. When I rest here, doubt and confusion simply cannot enter. I move from a space of no thought, a space of trust and fluidity. Life becomes a dance and a play. Worries disappear, presence returns. And compassion keeps illuminating the path step by step.

Originally published at www.enbodyourself.com.