Awaken to Your Creative Essence

An Invitation to Your Soul

Are you a woman who longs to express her creative heart?

And even though you long for it deeply, you don’t really know how to start?

Maybe you have a story running that you are not good enough, or

that creating art is a luxury that you can’t afford?

Are you struggling to find the time as life is so full of other priorities?


Maybe you are looking for another dimension to experience life through,

a new adventure?

Then this journey is for you

 Wild at Art: Awaken to your Creative Essence

– a 6 week online adventure –

        Imagine an empty canvas…

                                     where all things are possible, where there is no right or wrong 

     where the beauty of your    SOUL can find its expression   Its unique frequency

Where it’s not just about painting an image that is pretty but about the process you go through

the JOURNEY you take as you strip away all the layers of mind that are in the way of you feeling the ecstasy                                                     
of giving birth to the invisible

Where you get to practice the art of meeting yourself exactly as you are,

and give space to the deep parts of you that yearn to be seen and felt

And where you, above all, experience the                                 JOY, PLEASURE, and PLAYFULNESS

of Creation!

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Kasia and I am an artist. 

Wow, I never thought I would call myself that. Because you see, I never studied art! The only thing that I know is that as a kid I loved it. And then in my late 20’s  there came a time where it almost became physically painful to not follow this urge…

and yet, I was stuck. My inner critic was too loud to let me even make the first brushstroke. For months I had a canvas sitting in my room waiting patiently for me to enter this space of alchemical transformation. When I finally surrendered to this inner force I learned so much about life, about TRUSTING myself, trusting the moment, trusting the feeling, about letting go of expectations…and most of all about LOVE. To follow the creative impulse is to be in a state of love, the closest that we can get to the divine.

I grew to understand that being in this space of the unknown is essential to my well-being as a woman. It’s where I get to deeply meet myself and to release, process and share the medicine in my life!

  I would love to share this sacred space with you!



To me creating Art is a spiritual practice

How I show up in front of the canvas is how

I show up in life
Painting humbles me and makes me more real

What this course is

It’s an invitation to make space for the sacred in your life

It’s an opportunity to meet yourself- nakedly, vulnerably, and                         unapologetically, to feel the freedom of                          your wild creative heart

It’s a way to balance your Nervous System from the draining daily stimulation of screens, messages, to-do-lists and to slow down, to feel, to breathe, and to enjoy the simple             process of creation

It’s a space to come more deeply into your body and to enjoy, explore and play the way you used to as a child

It’s an opportunity to make a stand for what’s               important in your life

What this course is not

It’s not Art Therapy (even though some healing may take place)

It’s not a Painting lesson (even though some tips and tricks may be learned)

It’s not a space of push 

It’s not about competition, performance or judgment

             It’s not a space of obligation, responsibility,                         fixing or any other ‘I have to’s’ 

What’s included

– 6 weekly online painting sessions that last from 2–3 hours

– A one-on-one Embodiment/Creativity Coaching session

– A weekly recorded guided contemplation/inspiration to set the tone for the week

– An online platform and telegram group in which we stay in touch and share with others, our progress,

our aha’s, our fears, and victories!

– Ongoing online support

– A small, intimate group of max 12 women

A sneak peek into the 6 week program*

Week 0 Fri 09.04 Introduction Call- Let’s say hello and get to know each other!

Week 1 Fri 16.04 — Confronting our Perfectionist 

Week 2 Fri 23.04 — Painting from our Sensual Self

Week 3 Fri 30.04 — Courting our Muse 

Week 4 Fri 07.05 — Allowing the Unknown to Unfold

Week 5 Fri 14.05 — Reclaiming our Playfulness!

Week 6 Fri 21.05 — Celebrating ourselves!!!

* program dependent on the unique constellation of women

Have a look at more of my Art

View Gallery

Have a look at more of my Art

View Gallery

Yes I cant wait to unleash my creative flow